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Dear Customer,

we want to inform  that Your personal information will be used by Adb Interior.com fully respecting the foundamental principles ordered by the Legislative Decree , number 196 of the 30 June 2003 “ Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali “ ( En. Protection Code of personal information ).Particularly :

-          - The information given by You during the registration on the website will be used for commercial and administrative purposes aimed to the order execution; the processing will be written as well as digitized, the data conferment is optional and the possible refusal to give these information will not allow us to accomplish the order delivery. Information can be transmitted to other societies , appointed by us for the same upon-quoted uses. The possible data use that will be done on these personal information, in compliance with the general authorization of the guarantor has the only aim to give a proper service to the customer and it will be done with the same upon-quoted modalities. These information will not be transmitted and diffused to third parties;

-         - The optional authorization concerning the sending of informative and advertising material is expressly required with a tick mark in the proper registration request to the “Newsletter “, this present within the registration form;

-          - We inform that the conferment of these data is optional and can implicate the absent or partial execution of our services or the participation to our promotions and special offers;

-         -  The manager and owner of data is Mr. Sgaramella Vincenzo, who in any moment can excercise her rights towards the owner of personal data , according to the article 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003.



 Hereafter, we summarize again all the procedures performed by us, that imply the collection, preservation, and processing of Your personal data and the aim we follow with each of them.

a.       Collection and preservation of your personal data with the aim to furnish services and to furnish the required information to the judicial authority;

b.      Data processing form commerfcial, administrative, financial and statistical purposes ( periodical sending of newsletter included );

c.       Data processing with the aim to give the required information;

d.      Collection, preservation and processing of personal data for administrative-financial purposes, included the possible transmission of commercial invoices via email.


The conferment of consent for the use of personal data provided for the purposes upon-quoted  at point a, b, c, d, is necessary . In case of consent refusal we will be not able to supply you the services or to provide you the required information.



Adbinterior is the owner of data processing – with branch in Fasano (Brindisi ), 43 Bari Evoli road , 70125, Fiscal Code , VAT registration number 025532900749. Potential request  have to be adressed to Adb Interior –  Fasano ( Brindisi ),43 Bari Evoli road   – 70125.



Article 7, Legislative Decree 196/2003

1.       1.       With regard to personal data use the person concerned has the right to obtain a confirmation about the existence or not of personal data concerning him/her , even if not yet registered and to give their notice in comprensible form. 

2.     2 .       The person concerned has the right to obtain information about :

-                  - Data origins

-                 -  Aim of data use

-                  - Reasons of data use

-                  - Personal data of the manager director and others responsibles

-                  - People to who personal data can be communicated

3.        3 .       The person concerned has the right to obtain :

-                 -  The update, correction and integration of the collected data;

-                 - The elimination , transformation in anonymous form or the block of information used and violating the law , including that of which is not necessary  the               preservation connected with the purposes why data have been collected and next used.

-                 - The attestation that procedures (previously mentioned ) are known to those to whom these data have been communicated or diffused, save the case in which           this fulfilment reveals impossible or implicate the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right 

4.       4 .       The person concerned has the right to oppose , totally or partially :

-                 - For reasonable reasons concerning the use of personal data and pertaining to the collection purpose;

-                 - To the use of personal data with the aim to send advertising material. 



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Cookies are short fragments of text ( letters and/or numbers ) that allow to the web server to memorize on the browser the information to use again during the same visit ( session cookies ) or during other visits on the website , also at a distance of days ( persistent cookies ). Cookies are memorized , according to the user preferences, from the browser on the specific device used ( computer, tablet , smatphone ).



Depending on the characteristics and the use of cookies, we can distinguish different categories:

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Both solutions can impede to the user to use or to see some parts of the website. 

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